”We guarantee to make you a competent, safer, and confident climber”

What is it?

The best way to start bouldering.

The Intro to Bouldering is a supervised 60-minute group session (private tuition is available) which teaches you all the key information you need to get bouldering safely. It is the quickest and easiest way to get climbing independently - without supervision - and covers the risks & how to minimise them, best practice, climbing wall etiquette, and the simple techniques to help get you off on the right foot - or left. You'll even learn some of the lingo too.

Who's it for?

Adults and teenagers (14+) with limited or no previous experience of indoor bouldering (climbing without a rope or harness)
Parents who want to supervise their children
Outdoor climbers who have not used indoor bouldering facilities and want to get the lowdown on the indoor environment

What are the outcomes?

After the session, you should understand what bouldering is, how to use a bouldering wall safely, and feel confident navigating a bouldering centre independently.
For those 14+ being signed off by the instructor may or may not happen on the first session. It depends on a few factors such as attitude, maturity and being responsible when on the session. In order to complete the registration form after being signed off by the instructor, those 14+ need a parent or guardian to complete the form alongside them.


£20 per person

Age 14+


1-hour supervised session

1-hour Climbing session 

Session Pass (£11)

All Equipment included (£3)

Gateway to Independent Bouldering


Next Steps:


WATCH THIS SPACE - Adult coaching courses coming soon. 

INTRO TO BOULDERING : Frequently Asked Questions

Adults and teenagers who are new to the sport of indoor bouldering (climbing without ropes at a low level), parents who are looking to bring their children bouldering, or roped climbers who have not used indoor bouldering facilities and would like that personal touch for their first bouldering experience. It’s also ideal for people coming back to the sport after a long break.

  • No previous experience needed
  • All sessions are fully supervised by our instructor team • Great for siblings, family and friends of different ages
  • 60 Minute group instruction from a qualified climbing instructor
  • Small Groups, only 6 climbers to 1 instructor
  • FREE Shoe Hire (Worth £3 per person)
  • FREE Day Pass to continue climbing after your intro (Worth £11 per person)

Bouldering (without ropes) is one style and is seen as one of the purest forms of climbing due to the lack of protective equipment and hardware; it’s just you versus the rock! Within indoor Bouldering, there are additional precautions to reduce the risk such as having the wall height at a maximum 4.5m, in addition to this large safety matting is used throughout centres to protect falls as much as possible.

Rock Climbing (with ropes) has mainly two approaches, Sport and Traditional or ‘Trad’. Both use ropes and other hardware as protection only i.e. you don’t use the ‘gear’ to help you climb. Trad involves carefully placing and removing protective equipment as you climb, leaving no trace that you were ever there. Sport, on the other hand, uses permanent bolts drilled into the rock to provide protection should you fall. Using short slings and karabiners (called runners), you clip your rope to the bolts as you climb and remove the runners when you’ve finished. The bolts remain fixed in place for future climbers. Indoor Climbing still uses similar equipment but always include, a harness, belay device and rope.